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hat's for breakfast? We have a new IHOP coming to Destiny USA. That means it's time to open up the menu filled with the breakfast sampler, all you can east pancakes and steak and eggs. The restaurant that serves breakfast any time of day is loaded with calorie infused feasts, but it also offers options for people looking to get their day going while still eating healthy.

A dose of honesty is required before I go further I much prefer breakfast at Stella's or the Little Gem in Syracuse over stepping foot in an IHOP or a Denny's. When out of town I will always look for the local diner before opting for the chain. But, the new IHOP does offer a breakfast opportunity at the biggest shopping and entertainment destination this side of New York City. It's opening is a good reason to ask the question. If you are having breakfast at a diner without any regard for health, what do you choose to eat?

Any answer has to start with bacon. Crisp, but not burned. What's more enticing than the aroma of bacon frying when you open the diner door. Building my way up I would then corned beef hash as a side dish. I am starting to salivate just considering the first taste.

My featured portion of the meal would be a nice omelette. Two cheese: Mozzarella and provolone. Mushrooms, a touch of onion and some real ham. Maybe an added dose of italian sausage diced. And sprinkle a few pieces of broccoli inside so I feel better about myself.

On the side, a small stack of whole wheat pancakes with plenty of real maple syrup.

When it comes to beverages a large OJ, big glass of water to wash this all down and finish it up with coffee. Hmmm..

For now that will remain my dream breakfast, one I am not likely to have anytime soon. Unless I stop by Destiny in the wee hours of a weekend night in the months ahead.


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