What's the next ten years for Facebook? Matt's Memo

I started using Facebook seven years ago. That was before the world had settled on calling it social media. It was more common to refer to it as new media then. Yet, Facebook was already three years old. In the world of internet startups and businesses founded in garages that is an internity, but Facebook was more. Now on its tenth anniversary it is apparent how much more.

Before Facebook we e-mailed. We struggled to cram multiple megabite images of friends and family into attachments that would jam e-mail accounts. Our digital conversations were isolated. They were private. They were one on one. At times we would find our self caught up in a thread among friends or others with like minded views.

Those days are forever gone. Now we instantly share. We share loads of images and experiences with people we know and love and some we don't know at all or don't even like. Our sense of privacy is evolving from greatly limited to hardly existing.

Facebook is a source for news, gossip and the story of our lives. Before Facebook found its way off campuses and into our pockets I created my Matt's Memo blog. I would post it on our station web site where it attracted little traffic or notice. I had an e-mail list of hundreds of subscribers. They would individually e-mail their displeasure, their comments or their joy in reading the blog.

Facebook changed the way the blog reached people. It became a means of distribution. It became a direct connection to our television audience.

There are many who still shy away from Facebook immersion. Overuse can surely be a waste of precious time. Proper use is a valuable way of instant, personal and group communication.

We have no way of knowing what next great thing will come in the next ten years, but Facebook surely as another ten years before relevance becomes an issue.

If you feel so inclined, how has Facebook changed the way you communicate? Please post your comments on my Facebook page.


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