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      Capitol Report " Green & Libertarian candidates want to debate

      The tit-for-tat accusations volleying between the two major party candidates for Governor are being seen as an opportunity by a couple of lesser known politicians.

      Usually, you don't see both Green & Libertarian party candidates hosting the same press events but New York's ballot access hurdles combined with the mudslinging involving Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, has two of this year's lesser known candidates teaming up.

      Howie Hawkins, Green Party Candidate for Governor says, "Carl Paladino has nothin' on me on being mad."

      Both Howie Hawkins and Warren Redlich are mad, and not only about economic issues. They're mad about being excluded from almost all of the major polls, as well as any upcoming debates| Warren Redlich, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor says, "You know what the reality is? People want something better and the Greens and the Libertarians both |from insiders."

      Hawkins continues, " Carl is the consummate insider " WE are from the outside and we're not even in the debates or in the narrative. Well the tit for tan between Palacuomo or Cuomodino as we're starting to call 'em."

      Carl Paladino has called on Andrew Cuomo to debate with 3rd Party candidates, but that was before Rick Lazio dropped out of the race. Since taking the line himself however, Paladino hasn TMt mentioned the issue.