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      Investigation into alleged election fraud may involve more than one person

      The Onondaga County Republican Party Chairman has come out with a stinging statement.

      Tom Dadey is revealing more about the political information that had led to a grand jury investigation into the administration of Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney.

      Dadey's statement indicates the investigation is looking into more than just one person involved in the administration. Dadey says "It appeared that any wrongdoing was contained to a single rogue employee, who has since resigned. But, as we took a closer look, it was clear that more than one person was involved."

      As we were first to tell you last Thursday night, part of the investigation involves the improper collection of signatures in a county legislature race. There is concern that the person obtaining the signatures was offered a county job as a reward.

      Mahoney told us last week there was no such arrangement. However, she acknowledged she did hire the worker in question, who she says is doing a good job.