10 pit bulls abandoned in Oswego County

9 baby pit bulls were abandoned on the side of Route 17 in Oswego County

On Friday night, a crate with 9 puppies and their mother was discovered on the side of Route 17 in Bernhards Bay in Oswego County. These baby pit bulls were only days old and severely malnourished.

For more than 20 years, Marietta Kenney has been saving neglected animals at Didi's Dream farm. Yesterday she got a call when these abandoned dogs were found in nothing more than a small dog crate on a stranger's front lawn.

"I have no clue what would be in someone's mind to make them abandon a mother who just gave birth within a couple days of these puppies. It was 52 degrees out, pouring rain. I don't know how people can just throw dogs, cats in garbage. It takes a special person to have no heart to be able to do that kind of stuff,' says Kenney.

In the wake of five kittens being found abandoned on a Sullivan Road, as well as this, Marietta wants to see harsher penalties and stricter laws against those who abuse and neglect animals.

"It's just out of control. We need more laws. They need to be taking this more seriously, hold people responsible, the backyard breeders. This is prime time for puppies and kittens right now and this is not going to be the first or last case we hear of where dogs are being dumped, puppies and a momma," says Kenney.

For the time being, these dogs are receiving the help and care they need and will get to see a vet first thing on Monday. Once they have received all of their shots they will be put up for adoption at ten weeks old, so that they can find a home where they can be safe and loved.