100 new free parking spots open in Armory Square

Just in time to encourage more holiday shopping in Syracuse's Armory Square, a portion of the "Trolley Lot" will reopen tomorrow afternoon. Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney says this will add 100 parking spaces in Armory Square. The parking will be free through the holidays - it has not been decided if there will be a fee after that.

In a prepared news release, Mahoney said, "The Armory Square Save the Rain project is nearing completion and we are pleased to reopen part of the Trolley Lot and make it available to holiday shoppers." "Armory Square retailers and patrons have been tremendous partners for the County during the construction of this project and making these parking spaces available free of charge will help these business have a strong start to the holiday season," Mahoney added.

In January 2008, Mahoney halted the construction of a sewage treatment

facility in Armory Square and instead began construction of a

state-of-the-art, six million gallon stormwater storage facility while simultaneously investing millions of dollars in green infrastructure throughout the City of Syracuse to capture stormwater before it enters our combined sewer system.

When the facility is complete, the "Trolley Lot" will be fully restored and the facility will capture the flow from 9 Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) during storms, preventing pollution to Onondaga Creek. Final paving and restoration of the parking lot will occur in the Spring of 2014.

Click here for more information on the Clinton Storage Facility.

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