10/11/12 a day to remember for Oswego newlyweds

Brandon Porter proposed to Kerri Rollin on her birthday on February 1st, so when it came time to set a wedding date, the couple knew they needed to make it unique.

"I was kind of thinking October and he was thinking end of the year," Kerri Rollin (now Kerri Porter) says. "I just kept on looking through dates that I thought would be unique, and this [10/11/12] was the one, plus we both like the number 11."

They exchanged vows on a blustery and bitter Thursday evening on the second tee at Tamarac Golf Course in Oswego, a place that holds importance not only because it is where they got to know each other, but also because it was where Porter told Rollin's father how he felt about his future wife.

"I was playing against her father 5 years ago when we were just friends," Brandon Porter says. "I mentioned to him, 'hey, I like your daughter,' and he had a little wise comment he said 'yeah so does everybody else' so I just teed off and went on my merry way."

Both Brandon and Kerri laugh about the interaction today, saying that their a unique couple, which is why they chose 10/11/12, as a unique date for their anniversary.