107 water main breaks in Syracuse this year, mayor hopes NY State will help

Water department crews have been out at all hours and in all weather conditions trying to keep up with an aging Syracuse water system. Some sections date back to the 1800's and crews have repaired 107 water main breaks since the start of the year.

Many neighbors say that while workers are skilled are at rerouting and replacing water mains - it is impossible to ask them to keep this pace up.

"That's way too many. Something needs to be done about the infrastructure in this city," said Syracuse neighbor Daniel Smith

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner doesn't need any reminders about the failing water system. When you walk into mayors office in city hall, the first thing you see is a framed portrait of crews repairing a break in Armory Square last year.

"We have an issue with our infrastructure and it is deteriorating across the state. As localities, the little discretionary income we have, we've been using to pay our astronomical pension and health care bills," said Miner.

Miner hopes New York State will bear some of the financial burden of updating the water system.

"We need the state to help. Because if you ask just the City of Syracuse to repair all it's water mains and infrastructure - we won't be able to do it," said Miner.

Long term improvements would be expensive but so are constant emergency repairs. Many Syracuse neighbors like Jeffery Gorney say the past month and a half has given them a whole new appreciation for how water actually gets to their faucet.

"I think we need to spend money on infrastructure and education rather than building new stadiums and arenas," said Gorney.