12 things expected to cost more in 2013

While the nation focuses on the macroeconomics of the fiscal cliff deal,

came out with its

annual list

of "12 things that will be more expensive in 2013."

While that may be a bit on the microeconomics side of things, some of the price increases could affect millions of Americans in a big way, and experts are expecting 2013 to be more expensive than 2012.

Two of the categories on the list will create a pinch for you when you head to the grocery store in 2013.

"This was a perfect storm, basically the last three years," Grocer Dick Rinehart of River Falls explained, when talking about several factors that have put food prices on the rise.

Gas prices and weather events have been troublesome in recent months.

USDA expects that meat, poultry and dairy prices will go up about 4 percent this year.

"We had a drought, corn crop was down wheat crop was down, bread is made out of wheat, we feed our animals corn,â?? says Rinehart.

Less grain also means that cereal and bakery prices will go up about 3 percent, says the USDA.

Doctor Logan Kelly runs the center for economic research. He says global factors are contributing.

"So you're having a greater demand, more people wanting the same basic amount of resources that the world can provide and so that's pushing commodity prices up long run,â?? says Dr. Kelly.

The cost of attending college is also going up.

"We're also seeing diminished public support of public education, public institutions which is also forcing costs to go up,â?? says Dr. Kelly.

The College Board Advocacy and Policy Center says in-state tuition will rise almost 5 percent.

According to, shipping costs will rise at both UPS and FedEx about 4.5 to 5 percent this year.

Lastly, health care premiums on expected to rise by about 6 percent by some estimations.

The full list includes:

1 - Fuel efficiency ratchets up the cost of cars

2 - Grocery prices to increase by as much as 4%

3 - Grain prices increase after drought

4 - Health care premiums on the rise

5 - High-end TVs and home theater systems hit new highs

6 - Computers push high-end features and prices

7 - Copper will be in demand and beer prices will suffer

8 - Say goodbye to subsidies for smartphones

9 - Services from daily deals will become scarce

10 - Tuition goes up as states can't subsidize university expenditures

11 - iPhone 5 accessories will be costlier than previous generations

12 - Shipping costs on the rise

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(Information courtesy NBC News)