12-year-old girl dies after sledding accident

The hill at Westcott Reservoir

Taylor Denson, the girl who was critically injured in a sledding accident at Westcott Reservoir on Saturday, has died. She was 12 years old.

Denson, of Auburn, suffered severe injuries when she sledded head-first into a parked car at the base of the reservoir hill. She was taken to University Hospital where she passed away Tuesday.

Denson's accident is the second at Westcott Reservoir in the past week. A similar situation occurred recently where another young sledder also crashed into a parked car and was forced to seek medical treatment.

The City of Syracuse is making changes to the reservoir to prevent more tragedies. A fence is being put up about one-third of the way up the hill. Mayor Matt Driscoll says he hopes the fence is a reminder of the dangers of sledding at Westcott Reservoir. He wants the fence to be built as soon as possible.

The fence will come down at the end of the winter season. It will go back up in the fall.