13 abandoned kittens looking for a new home

Some of the kittens at the True Blue Veterinary Health Center / photo: Brandon Roth

A local animal hospital got an unexpected gift Monday when 13 newborn kittens were dropped off.

The kittens were found in a box by the zoo and brought to the True Blue Veterinary Health Center in Solvay.

Most of the kittens are under two weeks old and the staff is looking for volunteers to help them feed and care for the kittens over the Labor Day holiday weekend.

This is the second time a large number of kittens have been found in the area. Last April, 26 kittens were brought into the Fairmount Animal Hospital. All of those kittens have been adopted.

The staff at the True Blue Health Center think the cats may be coming from the same place. If someone is unable to pay to get their cats spayed, the animal hospital would like them to come forward so they can help put them in touch with groups that may be able to help them.

In the meantime, they now have their hands full with this latest batch of newborn kittens, and since they have a limited staff, they are hoping volunteers will be able to help them by either volunteering to help feed for the cats or by adopting one or more of them.

For more information contact the True Blue Veterinary Health Center at (315) 488-3000.