14 Cayuga County firefighters providing Hurricane Sandy relief in Queens

A group of 14 firefighters from Cayuga County were sent down to help with the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. They're stationed in Rockaway, Queens. Eleven are from the Auburn Fire Department, two from Aurelius, and one from Owasco.

The Assistant Fire Chief of the Auburn Fire Department, Mark Fritz, says this group was chosen because many of them specialize in water rescue.

"These members are firefighters, emergency medical technicians, swift water rescue technicians, rope rescue technicians. Several of them are also scuba divers and some are also hazardous materials technicians," says Fritz.

Communication with the crew has been minimal because of spotty cell reception.

"We know their first assignment was to evacuate a 4 story nursing home. We believe they successfully completed that mission. And they should be starting their 2nd mission at this time," says Fritz.

Among the deployed, is Lt. Mike Parker's brother, Lt. Steve Parker. They have been working side by side at the Auburn Fire Department for more than 15 years.

"You worry about him when he's working. And hopefully he worries about me when I'm working," says Lt. Parker.

Even if they're not all blood related, they're all still brothers.

"You're not going to leave anyone behind. You're always going to be there for everybody. And they'll be there for you. Because that's all you have, especially in a dangerous environment. You count on each other," says Lt. Parker.

While they're concerned for their brothers, they're also confident in their training and discipline. And look forward to the stories when they return.