14-foot python returns home safely

photo of a smimilar Burmese python

The missing, 14-foot Burmese Python has been found and returned safely to home.

"Dante" was found near the Old Erie Canal in Jordan. His owner, Diana Sleiertin, says one of her neighbors found him resting in a sun spot about 50 feet from where he originally escaped. That's when they called her and she brought him home, safe and sound.

Sleiertin says Dante's cage at the MaxMan Reptile Rescue in Jordan was vandalized on Monday afternoon, which is what caused him to escape.

Posted: Wednesday, 5:00 pm

Authorities in upstate New York are looking for a a 14-foot Burmese python missing from a reptile rescue center.

The python's name is Dante and owner Diana Sleiertin says he's missing from MaxMan Reptile Rescue. Sleiertin found Dante's cage propped open Monday afternoon and notified state police.

Sleiertin used the 80-pound snake as an animal ambassador, visiting schools and children's birthday parties. She says he is unlikely to attack unless provoked, and is more likely to slither away from people.

Sleiertin says Dante is a swamp-dwelling snake and likely will look for any nearby swamps, marshes or wetlands. She lives near the Old Erie Canal and says there's plenty of beaver and swamp rats for Dante to feed on.