15 year old claims sister held her down while dog attacked her

Emergency vehicles at the Neighbor's Choice Market on Syracuse's South Side Sunday afternoon, after a bloody 15 year old reportedly ran in, claiming she was attacked by a dog.

Syracuse Police are investigating, after a 15 year old ran into a south side convenience store on Sunday afternoon, claiming she'd been attacked by a dog.

A clerk at the Neighbor's Choice Market (The Beverage Barron) on Ballantyne Road, near Onondaga Creek Boulevard, told us the girl was bloody. He called for help just before 12:30pm, and firefighters, police and an ambulance came to the store.

The clerk says he overheard the girl telling firefighters that she was attacked by a dog, while her sister held her down.

Syracuse Police say the two girls were fighting, and the victim was hit in the nose, accounting for the blood around her head.

Police say the dog may have gotten excited by the fight, and bit the girl, but only on the hand. It has been put in quarantine, because it was unlicensed.

The girl was taken to Upstate University Hospital's children's emergency room for treatment of her injuries

Police tell us they do not expect to make any arrests in the case.