$2 Million for family of woman killed by Utica Police investigator

Joseph Longo

The City of Utica has settled a lawsuit stemming from the murder-suicide involving a Utica Police investigator in 2009.

The Utica City Board approved a $2 million settlement for the wrongful death of Kristin Palumbo-Longo, who was

stabbed to death

on September 28, 2009 by her husband, Detective Joseph Longo. The two were going through a divorce at the time and Palumbo-Longo's family said the Utica Police Department did not do enough to ensure her safety.

Palumbo-Longo filed for divorce from Joseph Longo ten days before her murder, and her lawyer said she feared for her safety in the days before the attack. The Utica Police Department said Longo was offered counseling and was relieved of his department-issued weapon before the incident. He was also reassigned to desk duty. However, the family said the department did not do far enough to make sure Palumbo-Longo was safe from her husband.

In December of 2010, her

family filed a $100 million lawsuit

against the city in federal court.

On Wednesday, Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri said in a press release that the city and Palumbo-Longo's attorneys reached a settlement for $2 million to be allocated for the benefit of her four children.

"Our hope is that this settlement brings some closure to the family of Kristen Palumbo-Longo," Palmieri said. "In the interest of that closure, and out of respect for the privacy of Kristin's family, this statement will be the City's only official comment."