2 years after possible closure, Jamesville's Clark Reservation still a CNY attraction on Labor Day weekend

As gas prices hover around the four dollar mark, many people are thinking of their pocketbooks before traveling on holiday weekends, which is actually benefiting New York State Parks.

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation announced that nearly 44 million people visited the parks and other historic sites in the last seven months, which is 2 million more than last year's attendance.

"I think it's the economy," Holly Fike, who was at Clark Reservation in Jamesville today, says. "I think people don't want to travel, or stay in hotels."

This Labor Day, Clark Reservation saw its fair share of nature fans, each seeing the benefit of having a nice location in the middle of Central New York.

"People can come here for three or four hours," David Antzak, a Clay resident, says. "People can even have a barbeque area in the pavilion if they'd like and if they want they can bring their family."

Antzak has been coming to Clark Reservation when he was kid, and said he was nervous the park would close after the state put Clark Reservation on a list of possible state park closures two years ago.

The park was saved after fans of the place rallied and raised money for its survival. That's why today, locals like Holly Fike and her friend were able to enjoy the trails surrounding Glacier Lake on Labor Day weekend.

"It's nice out and we didn't go to a camp or anything," Fike says. "We were thinking of what we could do that's outside and that's inexpensive."