$20,000 plan proposed to revamp Fayetteville's Limestone Plaza

Sean Costello has lived in an apartment at the Limestone Plaza in Fayetteville for five years now.

While he's happy businesses like Pascale Restaurant have moved, he's not happy about the added traffic - which he says is now getting out of hand.

"Some of them don't even stop... and I've seen that a lot,â?? Costello said.

We found proof of that even on a Sunday, when most businesses are closed.

At a stop sign on Brooklea drive - just off of Route 5 - our cameras caught several cars going right through.

â??I can see where people want to get where they need to go, but they got to take their time while they're doing it,â?? said Costello.

It's not just drivers rolling through stop-signs that are causing concern.

In some instances, coming to a stop isn't enough. Because of where those signs are located, seeing through parked cars is nearly impossible, creating a dangerous traffic hazard for pedestrians and drivers alike.

But itâ??s a good problem to have, said Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olsen. He said many towns, villages and cities in Central New York would love to have a thriving plaza like the Limestone. Now, he said, itâ??s just time to make the necessary changes.

The village has teamed up with the Onondaga County and New York State Department of Transportation, along with a private engineer, to solve this mess.

The $20,000 plan includes relining the 73 existing parking spaces, adding 14 more and pushing stop signs deeper into the intersection so drivers can see around parked cars.

â??No one really came to us and said â??there's an issueâ??, we just kind of saw it on our own and said we've got a problem and let's get it fixed, and that's what we've done,â?? said Olsen.

Olsen said the $20,000 is already accounted for in the budget, and wonâ??t cost taxpayers anything extra.

There is a public hearing on the matter Monday night at 6:00 in the village hall. Itâ??s a chance for you to voice your opinion on the idea.

Olsen said if all goes according to plan and the village gets positive feedback from residents, heâ??d like to break ground in the spring.

â??That'd be great, because like I said, I don't want anyone to get hurt,â?? said Costello.