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      2014 Jazz and Wine Festival Kicks Off

      <p>People were tapping their feet at the 2014 Wine and Jazz Festival tonight over at Clinton Square.</p>

      People were tapping their feet at the 2014 Wine and Jazz Festival tonight over at Clinton Square.

      "I love the music. All music. But, this is a treat for Syracuse and also myself," says Jean Wright.

      "I love the music," says Kitten Jurccak.

      Whether you're a jazz cat or a first timer, there was certainly a lot to see and hear at the festival.

      "We've been listening to the regional music and it's been very good. And, we've been waiting for the main stage to start and we think we are going to have a nice evening," says Ken Behan.

      And for some, it brings back memories.

      "I am from the south. And, we were brought up in that. I don't know what it is. I should say its from the heart and the soul and the mind and the body," says Jean Wright.

      While some people were here for the food.

      While the main attraction is the wine and jazz, you can't pass up the food trucks that are lining up.

      "The lemonade, the ice cream. We are probably going to get a gyro before we leave, the salt potatoes," says Valerie Thompson.

      But at the end of the day, it all comes back to the musicians who are performing tonight.

      "In a little bit later on Iâ??ll be playing with two of the bands that will be here tonight. And, they've been so kind to let me sit in with them. One is more of a jazz funk and the other is a big band jazz band. So, the diversity is quite strong here in Syracuse," says John Heard.

      Whether you're here for the tunes or the wine, itâ??s no surprise that many come back year after year.