21 year-old wins seat on Lysander Town Board

At 21-years-old Roman Diamond has already run two successful political campaigns. He was elected to the Baldwinsville school board when he was 18 and in January the young republican will take a seat on the Lysander town board.

Diamond was unopposed, but he had to convince a lot of voters he was ready for the responsibility.

"I would be concerned if an entire board was made up of 21 year olds," said Diamond. "I offer some insight as a younger councilor but we also have a wealth of knowledge of some people who are well seasoned and have more experience than I do."

When he isn't making policy, Diamond is studying it at SUNY Oswego. He's a junior political science major.

"Anybody that is working with strategy in politics, they're always looking at new ways to get the young people to come out and vote. My opinion is the best way to get young people out to vote is to get younger candidates," said Diamond.

Diamond does have experience with negotiation and compromise since he has seven brothers and sisters.

"I'm the oldest so I learned very quickly that when I make a decision on when something happened to me, it impacted everybody else. So you learn to work very well with other people - you have to," said Diamond.