27 dogs rescued from deplorable conditions in Mattydale home

"Occupancy Prohibited" sign hanging on front door of 812 Matty Avenue.

A day after 15 puppies were turned over the CNY SPCA, they still huddle together for comfort.

Investigators say the dogs were found in filthy conditions inside a home at 812 Matty Avenue in Mattydale, and donâ??t know any other life.

â??The best way to explain it is, you walk up the stairs, just imagine the floors saturated with urine and feces,â?? says Paul Morgan, Executive Director of the CNY SPCA. â??And you get up to the second floor, and there are piles of feces that appear to have been there for more than a year.â??

Twelve adult dogs were also taken from the home. The SPCA and the Town of Salina Codes Department received tips about the smell coming from the home. 60-year-old Joseph Kaplan lived there with his mother.

As of Thursday night, Kaplan is charged with 27 misdemeanor counts of providing unhealthy living conditions for an animal. The 15 puppies were turned over to the SPCA and could be available for adoption in less than a week.

â??Believe it or not, the animals look good,â?? Morgan said. â??The body condition on the animals looks good, so you can definitely say they were being fed.â??

Kaplan refused to turn over the 12 adult dogs, but the SPCA seized them. Those dogs cannot be adopted until the case is resolved.

The SPCA says the home belongs to Kaplanâ??s 87-year-old mother, who he is caring for. Kaplanâ??s mother was not charged.

Paul Morgan says the mother was removed from the house by Adult Protective Services. No one answered the door when we knocked.

The house was condemned, but we could hear someone inside. A bag of dog food was also left outside, leaning up against a tree.

The already crowded SPCA made room for the 27 dogs, and theyâ??re hoping for donations and volunteers to help care for the animals.

Joseph Kaplan is due in Town of Salina court on May 29 to answer his charges.

If you want to donate to the SPCA, visit or call 315-454-4479.