33 arrested during underage drinking sweep in Upstate NY, largest bust in Cortland

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- In an effort to crackdown on underage drinking, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles conducted a sweep of establishments throughout Upstate New York and made 33 arrests.

The area with the most arrests was Cortland, home to SUNY Cortland, with a total of 25 arrests. Those arrested were individuals who were attempting to use fake driver licenses to purchase alcohol or enter a bar.

During the bust in Cortland, DMV investigators along with Cortland police officers checked commonly visited bars and restaurants throughout the city including: the Dark Horse Tavern, the Red Jug Pub, the Stone Lounge, Hairy Tony’s and Brix Pubario.

As a result, 25 indiviudals were arrested and fake ID's were confiscated from Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

In addition to Cortland, eight people were arrested in the Albany area during the underage drinking sweep. Documents were seized from Sabatino’s Liquor Store on Quail Street and the Exxon mini-mart on Ontario Street. ID's were also checked at a commonly visited bar in the Capital Region known as Lion Heart on Madison Avenue, but no arrests were made there.

In December, Governor Cuomo announced that underage drinking sweeps conducted by DMV investigators in 2016 resulted in the seizure of 862 fraudulent licenses and the arrest of 818 individuals for underage drinking, both single year records.

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