47 years' worth of change being donated to Salvation Army

Hank Fust makes large donation to Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Syracuse's kettle campaign is picking up a lot of change on Saturday---47 years' worth.

Hank Fust, founding partner of the CPA firm Fust, Charles, Chambers, is donating several hundred POUNDS of coins to a kettle at Destiny USA on Saturday afternoon.

In an exclusive interview on Weekend Today in Central NY, Fust told us he was inspired to make the donation, while at The Salvation Army's annual luncheon. He and his wife saved spare change for 47 years, their married life, and minus some given to children 'for lunch money and state fair tickets' the entire amount is now going into a kettle. Estimated amount: $3400.

If you are interested in donating, there are kettles around the area. You can also donate online at, or you can donate to our corporate kettle here.