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      50 Shades of Grey fans turnout in big numbers in Fayetteville

      A fun night out for some book fans in Fayetteville.

      A, " 50 Shades of Grey," party was sponsored by the Fayetteville Free Library at the Uno Chicago Grille in Town Centre Plaza Wednesday Night..

      I t was a celebration of one of the hottest book series on store shelves.

      40 million copies have been sold worldwide.

      The provocative plot features some erotica but some say i t s not just for the ladies.

      " I ts about the characteristics of a relationship and about how dynamic they are and the ebbs and flows of relationships and how absolutely complicated they are ," said fan Alex Toenniessen. "I think it doesn't matter who you are or what age you are."

      T onight's event featured games, prizes, giveaways and free drinks.

      The first book of the trilogy is being turned into a movie.