5th Grade boy at Gillette Road Middle School collects blankets for homeless

DJ Villnave, 10, has been collecting blankets for the Rescue Mission for the past four years.

When DJ Villnave was in 2nd grade he came up with an idea after watching a story about homeless people on the news.

"I know what the Rescue Mission does and I feel like I should be helping the Rescue Mission for what a good cause they do," says Villnave.

At just 7-Years-Old, DJ decided to collect blankets and donate them to the Rescue Mission to hand out to the homeless during the cold winter months.

"After the holidays they forget about donating so this is when it's the perfect time," says Villnave.

He named the project "


's Gift of Warmth" and has continued to collect blankets in January for the past four years. His mother, Sara Villnave is a health teacher at CNS High School and couldn't be more proud of her son.

"I look at him each and every single day and he's different than most. He's very giving of himself to other people. He thinks of others before he thinks of himself," says Sara Villnave.

If you want to donate to "DJ's Gift of Warmth" you can drop blankets off at Gillette Road Middle School, KWS Bear Road Elementary School, or the North Syracuse Central School District Offices. DJ will be collecting blankets until January 21.