63 Central New York kids adopted at National Adoption Day Event

63 children were officially adopted Friday at the National Adoption Day celebration at the OnCenter.

With family court judges on hand from six Central New York counties, the official paperwork was signed.

National Adoption Day is always the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This year, the National Adoption Day coalition expects 4,500 children in foster care to be adopted Saturday on National Adoption Day.

It's a dream come true for Rodney and Samatha Richer of Phoenix.

"we're excited about finally getting to adopt this little boy. It's been a long road to make a family for us so we're very excited about it," says Richer.

For these high school sweethearts, Bryson was the missing piece in their lives.

"This is everything I've been looking for and hoping for. It will be our first christmas as a full family. It's just going to be amazing. I mean look at him. He's so happy. He's an amazing child," says Richer.

Today was the day Jennifer and Lou Reid have waited for, for years. After traveling all the way to South Korea to pick up their son, they were finally able call him their own today.

" We decided to keep his birth name Taeyang. His birth mother had chosen it for him and it means the light of the sun and he certainly is the light of our lives," says Reid.