8-year-old boy asks for animal donations instead of birthday presents

For his 8th birthday party, Parker Vavra decided to send his friends invitations with a special request. Instead of asking for presents, Parker asked his friends to donate the money they could have used for his presents to animals in need.

Parker's family says one of his friend's parents saw the invitation and thought it was selfish for Parker to make such a unique request. At Parker's birthday on December 1st, only three of Parker's friends showed up, and one even brought a gift.

The family says Parker was a little sad, but not discouraged. His family reached out via Facebook, and the donations started pouring in from not only the United States, but across the world as well.

"People all the way in [Australia] are donating," says Parker, who owns pets of his own as well. "I just want to say thanks for helping me get donations for the SPCA and other places."

The SPCA says the donations from Parker are enough to feed at least 10 animals. Parker also donated to Helping Hounds and the Humane Association.