Investigators reveal more details after 8-year-old boy killed in New Hartford

Investigators reveal more details after 8-year-old boy killed in New Hartford

Around 1:55 p.m. on Sunday afternoon in Sangertown Square Mall, 8-year-old Logan Lints was killed after a truck struck him while backing out of parking spot.

Neighbors in the community are devastated by this tragedy coincidentally happening on Mother's Day.

"I've lost a lot of sleep over the little boy. It's horrible. Even my little granddaughter had tears coming down her face saying 'I can't believe this has happened' and she's only eleven years old," says Tammy Lacey.

Police and witnesses say the 19-year-old driver did look both ways before backing up his Dodge Ram 1500 half ton pick up truck.

"He did see a female walk behind his vehicle which was the mother of the youngster. A few feet behind mom was her son," says Chief Michael Inserra of New Hartford Police Department.

Police say from an autopsy report little Logan suffered from severe head trauma.

"It appears as though he struck this boy within one or two feet of backing up which knocked the boy over. He didn't feel an impact because he wasn't going but one or two miles an hour. It wasn't until he ran the boy over with the driver's side rear tire when he realized that he hit something," says Chief Inserra.

Frequent shoppers in the area say this has always been a busy parking lot and say you can never be too safe.

Police and witnesses say the driver was not reckless but the investigation is ongoing. They will then see if charges will be filed.

The family of the 8-year-old boy released the following statement to CNYCentral:

Our family is completely devastated with the loss of our sweet boy. Logan was always at the center of all the fun and his absence is deeply felt. We'd like to thank each person that assisted with his care. We appreciate every kind word and prayer while we continue to grieve.
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