80 arrested at SUNY Cortland after weekend celebration gets out of hand

A reveler jumps from a roof at SUNY Cortland this weekend.

Cortland Police say 80 people were arrested this past weekend as a result of

rioting after SUNY Cortland's annual "Cortaca Jug" football game

against Ithaca College on Saturday.

Police Chief Michael Catalano says the 122 charges filed range from disorderly conduct, open container violations, underage drinking, littering, one drug arrest involving cocaine, several marijuana possession charges, and six DWI. No one was jailed, but some offenders were kept overnight. Offenders were given appearance tickets, but no appearances are scheduled for Monday.

Catalano says 40 police officers were involved in trying to quell the uprising. Cortland police and Cortland County sheriff's deputies initially responded, and when the Cortland County 911 Center put a call out for assistance, State Police, SUNY Cortland police, and officers from Broome and Onondaga County responded.

Catalano says police could have made many more arrests, but at one point they had to stop making arrests in order to concentrate on crowd control.

Four people were injured, but none of the injuries were considered serious. Two were treated at a local hospital.

CNY Central reporter Jim Kenyon says a "high levelâ?? meeting between SUNY Cortland President Erik Bitterbaum, Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin, and their staffs took place Monday morning. SUNY Cortland spokesman Fred Pierce says they are working to create a joint city-college commission by next week

Pierce told Kenyon â??This is completely unacceptable. We are committed to stopping it.â??

Pierce explained there are two events â?? The annual Cortaca football game, which he described as a "longstanding tradition", and the celebration that follows. He says that celebration has become an "excuse" for improper behavior. He says they intend to "stop this forever."

Pierce says they are trying to determined how many of the 80 people arrested were Cortland students. They will face a college judicial review.

â??The students will be held accountable, and itâ??s very possible there will be suspensions,â?? says Pierce.

In the wake of Saturday's Cortland victory, videos and photos of "Cortaca" riots are spreading online and on social media. Videos, pictures and tweets surfaced throughout the weekend and show just how crazy things got.

"It got a little more disorderly and disruptive than what we're used to," said Catalano. "The parties got very large and loud early and became very disruptive."

On Sunday, Bitterbaum

apologized for students' behavior

at Cortaca.

"As the president of SUNY Cortland, I would like to personally apologize to the Cortland community for the inexcusable behavior of some of our students related to Saturday's football game with Ithaca College. Please be assured that the College will work closely with city officials to implement measures intended to prevent this type of activity from occurring again."

The annual Cortaca football game is a long-time tradition between the two schools. The "Cortaca Jug" trophy has been held by the winner of the game since 1959.

To see more of the photos and videos of Cortaca weekend,

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