911 Dispatcher honored for saving electrical shock victim

Onondaga County 911 Dispatcher Tiffany Hotaling is the 2013 Red Cross 911 Dispatch Award Real Hero

Tiffany Hotaling works as a call taker at Onondaga County 911, and last July she got a frantic call from a man who said his co-worker had been electrocuted.

The man was unconscious and not breathing, and the co-worker was frantic, so Tiffany calmed him down and told him how to perform CPR. At the same time, she called emergency equipment to the scene.

Hotaling stayed on the phone with the co-worker for over 7 minutes, until help arrived, to find the victim in full cardiac arrest.

CPR continued until the victim was at the hospital, when his pulse and breathing were re-established. He has made a full recovery.

Tiffany Hotaling is being honored as this year's Red Cross 911 Dispatch Real Hero, for her life-saving effort.