9/11 memorial concert benefits Oneida flooding relief

9/11 memorial concert


usic rang throughout Andrews Memorial United Methodist Church in North Syracuse as dozens of neighbors remembered the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Reverend Bradford Hunt was at the concert today with his congregation. "It's always an interesting thing for folks to continue to remember. 9/11 was a phenomenal life changing, culture changing event. And for folks to come together and to understand and to cope with that is very helpful," says Hunt.

After starting the concert to benefit the twin towers orphan fund 10 years ago, it has since evolved to help other natural disasters over the years. This year's concert will benefit the flood relief efforts in Oneida.

John Harnois organized this concert and has kept it going for a decade. "As time went on we thought we could honor the memory of those lost by contributing within our own communities and helping those in need," says Harnois.

Beth Schnipp graduated from Oneida City Schools and still has former classmates in Oneida who have been impacted by the flooding. "I can't imagine what it's like to have that much water in your home and to know that you're losing everything that's there and you'll have to start over," says Schnipp. "Our pastor particularly has encouraged that kind of mission, that we do different things for other people and that's what the Christians should be doing. We should be helping others and not just thinking of ourselves."

Help which will come with open arms next Saturday when this church uses the money raised today to go to Oneida to continue to help neighbors recovering from the flooding.