A day of remembrance in Herkimer County

There are no answers and no way to turn back the clock but neighbors near the first shooting scene in Mohawk wanted to let victims and their families know they had support. They decided on purple ribbons - a color representing non-violence.

"We can't even fathom what these families are going through that lost their loved ones. Our hearts go out to the ones that are still recovering from this. The community is still recovering," said organizer Becky Smith.

Soon purple ribbons were up all along main street and near the barber shop where the shooting began. For many people, the ribbons were a way to stand together and be part of the healing process. The Village of Mohawk also hung ribbons on the lampposts.

Massaro and Son florists in Herkimer ran out of one shade of purple ribbon and started running low on another. As she crafted a ribbon into an elaborate bow, Mary Ann Rice said she was overwhelmed by all the people who wanted to help.

"The sense of strength that comes from that, just driving down there seeing them all knowing that anyone of those people would reach right out to help you in any way they could," said Rice.

Monday was a day of remembrance in Herkimer County. At 9:30 am, bells tolled in honor of the victims. Much of the rest of the world has started to move on but the tragedy and the lives it took are still very real her in the Mohawk Valley.

"The looks and the hugs and the strength there is what's going to get us through. There's no getting over, just getting through," said Rice.