A fish 'tale': pet fish lives to see another day

'Rocky' in his fish tank

Chris Deverso says his pet snakehead fish, Rocky, is a member of the family.

The State Department of Environmental Conservation says snakeheads are a predatory invasive species and illegal to own, even though they were legal when Chris bought him back in 1998. Chris tried to reason with them and offered to get a permit but, today was set for Rocky's removal. The DEC plans to kill him by freezing him.

"Now I'm being made out that you're going to come kill my fish, like I robbed somebody or killed somebody. My fish is being made out like it's a serial killer!" says Deverso.

As the day continued, more information came from the DEC. Apparently, they didn't think Thursday would be a good day to pick Rocky up. The DEC told us they weren't coming because they didn't want to turn it into a media event.

Deverso wondered why the DEC didn't want to remove Rocky in front of the media and supporters. "You've done nothing but tell the media that this fish is such a danger and threat that this fish needs to die - that the law is the law - and you call me up and tell me you're not coming today?"

For the Deverso family, the thought of losing their pet is heartbreaking. Deverso says he hasn't been told by the DEC when they will come to get Rocky.