A look backstage at The Lion King in Syracuse

Backstage at The Lion King at the Crouse-Hinds Theatre, there are 350 costumes. It's Gregory Young's job to take care of them all.

"We check to make sure the inventory is there for each show, make sure the velcro is working and they have all their cuffs," said Young as he makes sure the sleeves of one of the costumes closes properly.

From the cuffs to the hemlines, every detail is checked. The outfits are organized in a closet and each Lion King actor has one. Depending on what role an actor plays, they can change 10 to 14 times during one show.

"There is a show behind the show, we have backstage choreography!" said Kendra Moore who plays a number of characters, including a lioness. "Sometimes we have as little as two and half minutes to get out of our costume, put our new costume on, change our make up and get back out on stage. So we have to make sure everything runs smoothly."

The "wardrobe bunker" is set up so actors can easily move around when things get hectic.

Cast members say it's all a big puzzle, and every person is this play, plays a part in making it work.

The Lion King is playing in Syracuse through October 1st. Tickets are still on sale.