A rare look at SU's large surveillance system

A rare look at SU's large surveillance system

With 1,209 cameras, Syracuse University is one of the most watched campuses in the nation.

Those on campus may not notice just how much they're being watched, though; many of the cameras are on top of the buildings looking down like light fixtures. CNYCentral was given a rare peek inside SU's communication center.

Flat screens and monitors covering almost every angle inside, keeping a close watch on daily campus life. The Department of Public Safety says beefing up security here on campus came right on the heels of the Virginia Tech shooting back in 2007.

"Every year it seems as though we added the number of cameras when new buildings went up," says Chief Bobby Maldonado. "We increased the number of cameras in those building and if buildings were renovated."

People who walk around the university's campus say knowing the cameras are there is a relief. "Especially with current events and a lot of crime lately, I feel a lot better knowing that there are cameras especially because my building is right at the edge of campus," says Carol Lutz.

Chief Maldonado says cameras won't prevent every crime, but in they are a big help when it comes to finding those responsible. "From an investigative standpoint a lot of the footage is used after the fact. We use cameras to be able to track an individual or a suspect if in fact we think an event happened on campus," says Maldonado.

The DPS says installing one camera can cost between three and four thousand dollars, a cost they say is worth the added safety.

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