A smell to remember: SU immortalized in cologne-form

SU cologne

Syracuse University will soon be immortalized, in the form of a new cologne.

The Daily Orange reports that the school is partnering with Masik Collegiate Fragrances to bring the scent of the Orange to alumni who have moved on from Syracuseâ??s hallowed halls, but still want a smell to remember them by, or to those who simply bleed Orange, and want to smell good while doing so.

The Masik website says the fragrance â??embodies the chilly, crisp air of Syracuse winters.â?? S.U. is one of 17 schools that have inspired Masik fragrances. The company says it was inspired by the natural scents of the great Upstate New York outdoors.

You can get your SU cologne on the Masik website or at retailers who sell SU merchandise.