A tale of two arenas- Syracuse prepares for â??Cameron Craziesâ??

The places that Syracuse University and Duke Universityâ??s basketball teams call home couldnâ??t be more different.

But they share one thing in common: The renowned ability to tip the decibel scales like no other.

The Carrier Dome, as we know, is a shining gem in college basketball. Annually, it has the largest on campus crowd in America. Including the Syracuse vs. Duke game three weeks ago which broke the on-campus attendance record. Itâ??s enormous, really, and consider that the 35,446 capacity is nearly 30,000 more fans than what Dukeâ??s arena holds.

But Dukeâ??s Cameron Indoor Stadium is special, too.

It is home to all of Duke Universityâ??s men and womens basketball victories. And its completion in 1940 only happened when the football team on campus won the Sugar Bowl (and so, brought home about $400,000)

With any arena, however, itâ??s the fans that make the difference.

We all know how loud the Carrier Dome is. Cameron is just as loud. Itâ??s like that because the indoor stadium is just very intimate in size. Its biggest crowd is just over 9,000 fans. And from the outside it in no way looks like a modern arena, it looks more like a place of worship or an academic building with its stone finish.

Of course, Iâ??ll take the Carrier Dome any day. But itâ??s certainly special that as this new rivalry is born, the storied venues are taking center stage. The students Iâ??ve encountered here at Duke are just as pleasant as the ones in Syracuse. Itâ??s a respect thing. Syracuse will probably never take North Carolinaâ??s spot as Dukeâ??s rival, but, the Blue Devil faithful respect Jim Boeheim and the Orange so much theyâ??re accommodating to Orange Nation.

So it remains to be seen how this rivalry plays out over the next few years, or even decades but no doubt, itâ??s off to the best start possible.

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