AARP predicts caregiver crisis as baby boomers age

Advocates for caregivers say New York State could soon face a caregiver crisis unless changes are made to the current system.

The AARP estimates that more than half of Onondaga County residents older than 50 will provide unpaid care to a relative or friend in the next five years.

Neal Lane, AAARP New York State President and the former Director of the State Office for the Aging, says the shortage of caregivers is only going to get worse as the number of aging baby boomers in need of care rises in the coming years.

The growing shortage is a major reason why Lane says the AARP and other advocacy groups are calling for legislation that would make it easier for family members to provide care for loved ones. "There is just no central place for people to go or call and get information for what they need. The number one thing they need to know what is out there," he says.

The AARP says there are currently there are more than four million unpaid caregivers in New York State.