Abandoned puppies receive initial veterinary care

The nine puppies who were found on the side of County Route 17 in Bernhards Bay Friday have now received their first veterinary care. They were just days old and were suffering from malnourishment. Their mother Abby was also discovered roadside.

Marietta Kenney is an animal rescuer in Oswego County who is caring for the abandoned puppies. Kenney said, "All are doing well at this time. Mom has some stomach issues I am treating in conjunction with my vets at Clear Lakes Animal Wellness. If anyone would like to donate to help with the vet bills that will continue to grow, please call The vets office directly at 315-676-2860."

"You can also drop off food or other supplies there or call the rescue for other drop off points," said Kenney.

The dogs will be put up for adoption in about two months. By then they will have their shots and be ready for a new home.

Kenney also believes she has information that may connect the Abby and her pups to the owners that abandoned them. She has turned that over to authorities.

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