Absentee votes to decide Town of Onondaga Byrne Dairy land-swap

More than 1300 people in the Town of Onondaga voted on a final decision in the Byrne Dairy land-swap deal on Tuesday.

The residents voted on whether or not Byrne Dairy would get access to a Town of Onondaga Senior Center parking lot adjacent to the W. Seneca Turnpike Byrne Dairy store in exchange for the land next to the parking lot.

After the ballots were counted on Tuesday evening, 708 people voted yes to swapping the land, while 613 people voted no. But, 150 absentee ballots still need to be counted. Onondaga Town Clerk Lisa Goodwin says the postmark date for the absentee ballots was yesterday, but now has to wait a week until they are allowed to be opened.