Abundant Life Christian Center opens food pantry for East Syracuse neighbors impacted by storm

The community is stepping up to help those in need after massive storms ripped through East Syracuse Tuesday evening.

Abundant Life Christian Center is opening the doors of its food pantry to help neighbors in East Syracuse who have been impacted by the storm.

The food pantry, which is run in partnership with the Food Bank of Central New York, is located at 7010 Fly Road. Doors will open from noon Tuesday until 5pm Saturday, July 12.

â??We want the community to know that while this is a challenging time, our community will stick together and we will help in any way we can. This is consistent with the heart of our church and with everything we believe,â?? says Mark Haywood, the churchâ??s Outreach Manager.

In addition to the supply of food and general necessities, the church is also providing elderly storm victims of East Syracuse with an opportunity to sign up for cleanup assistance, which will be provided by church volunteers.

Those who are seeking assistance may sign up at the food pantry or by calling the church at (888) 367-2523.

You can also visit their website at