Accident doesn't keep sledders off reservoir

Despite a sledding accident on Saturday that critically injured a 12 year old girl in Syracuse, no one was heeding the warnings posted at the Westcott Reservoir on Sunday that bans sledding.

Syracuse police say 12 year old Taylor Denson of Auburn was left in critical condition this weekend after she went down the hill on a sled and slammed into a parked car at the base of the reservoir.

The warning signs at the reservoir are clearly posted which read "no sledding allowed," but that didn't stop plenty of children and some adults on Sunday to hop onto their sleds.

David Dube brought his young son to the reservoir for sledding and he told Action News that ," I understand the city's concerns with posting the signs. But I think people can be safe so long as they are cautious.

Many children at the reservoir were sledding without their parents. 12 year old Patrick O'Connor was there Sunday and said he doesn't bother to heed the warnings because the rule isn't enforced.

Saturday's sledding accident is the second accident at the reservoir this month. Last week, a similar situation occurred when a young sledder was forced to seek medical attention after sliding down the hill and hitting a parked car below.