Accident on I-81N sends four to the hospital

Four people were taken to the hospital on Saturday afternoon after a crash on I-81N near the 7th North Street exit at 12:56pm, according to Sheriff's Detective Jon Seeber.

Seeber said 21-year-old Joshua Mauro was driving too fast when his car hit a concrete barrier, crashing into a tan Honda Civic. The Civic landed in a ditch off the side of the road.

The three passengers in the Civic were taken to the hospital. They were 21-year-old Melisa Devaney, 21-year-old Tyler Carmen, and 20-year-old Amanda Devaney, who is pregnant and was taken to the hospital for abdominal pain.

Mauro was ticketed for imprudent speed, an uninsured motor vehicle, following too closely, unsafe passing, moving unsafely from the lane, and a loud exhaust.

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