Accumulating old electronics? There's an e-waste dropoff

Old keyboards and more are recyclable at next weekend's e-waste dropoff in Syracuse

Even if you've cleaned house recently, chances are you still have old electronics, not being used and ready for disposal.CXTEC is doing another free e-recycling next Saturday (October 8th, 8am - noon, at their East Brighton Ave. facility.Barbara Ashkin, with CXTEC, visited us along with 'Scrappy', a large dinosaur mascot that is the company's symbol for scrapping and recycling the old. Ashkin says last year they collected 100-thousand pounds, and they're hoping for more.The list runs from computers & components, through phones, cameras, recording and sending equipment (fax, vhs, dvd) tvs and stereo equipment and supports, including hubs, keyboards and cabling. Computer hard drives will be shredded to protect privacy.

The dropoff is at CXTEC's Distribution Center, 621 East Brighton Avenue, Syracuse on Saturday 8am - noon.For directions or more information check the CXTEC website or call 476-3000.