Accused kidnappers of Amish girls had at least three more victims

Stephen Howells II and Nicole Vaisey had at least three more victims, according to the St. Lawrence County District Attorney.

The suspects accused of kidnapping two Amish girls
last week had at least three more victims. That's according to St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain, who also told WWNY-TV that the 12-year-old and 7-year-old were shackled together during captivity.

Stephen Howells II and Nicole Vaisey are charged with kidnapping
the girls, plucking them from their family farm stand near Huevelton, last Wednesday. The girls were released about 24 hours later near Richville.

WWNY-TV is also reporting that recording equipment was present during the alleged abuse of the young girls, and that the children were shackled together during their time in captivity inside a home in Hermon.

Authorities spent the weekend searching that home, the home of the suspects, Howells Jr. and Vaisey. WWNY-TV is reporting there is evidence Howells Jr., was in the process of building a sound-proof room. Earlier Monday, an attorney for Vaisey described her as a victim as well, saying she was in a 'master-slave' relationship and being controlled by Howells Jr.

Right now, the couple has been charged with kidnapping with the intent to to physically or sexually abuse.