Activists gather at Hancock Air Base to protest drones, 30 arrested

Protesters at Hancock Air Base

A group of nearly 300 protesters gathered at Hancock National Guard Base on East Molloy Road April 28 and raised their signs and voices against military drone attacks overseas.

Law enforcement agencies were there to keep an eye on the group, and what started as a peaceful protest against drone activity ended with 30 arrests, according to the Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Office.

The activists marched in a funeral procession, symbolizing the children that are killed in drone attacks. The air was full of chatter, rhythmic drum beating and a call for the people to exercise their first amendment rights and tell the military they did not approve of the use of drones.

One of the organizers told CNY Centralâ??s Ken Chapman that the people at Hancock were essentially killing innocent people.

The march to the gate of the air base resulted in 30 people being arrested on several charges including disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental administration, and loitering.

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