Actor Stephen Baldwin pays 100K toward his back income taxes

Stephen Baldwin

Actor Stephen Baldwin walked into Rockland County Court today with a certified check for $100,000, only part of the $343,068 that he owes the State in back personal income taxes, penalty and interest.

The 47-year-old Baldwin agreed to pay down the tax bill after he pleaded guilty to repeated failure to file personal income tax returns, a felony.

The State Tax Department says Baldwin failed to file income taxes in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Baldwin agreed to pay the taxes when he answered his charges, along with an additional $300,000 by the time of his sentencing in March 2014.

â??It shows that, regardless of a personâ??s occupation or financial situation, all New Yorkers must meet their obligation to pay their fair share of income taxes in a timely mannerâ??, State Commissioner of Taxation and Finance Thomas Mattox said.