Addiction expert talks about heroin overdose spike in Syracuse

In a 24-hour period from Thursday to Friday night, five heroin overdoses were reported to Syracuse Police. One woman died from the overdose.

Police are now stepping up drug-enforcement efforts and are investigating the overdoses.

In Onondaga County, Dr. Dorothy Lennon is working to treat heroin addictions as the Medical Director of Tully Hill Chemical Dependency Treatment Center.

"We treat heroin addiction every day at Tully Hill, and we have certainly seen a rise in it particularly in the last year," said Dr. Lennon.

Dr. Lennon said that the spike in overdose reports is something out of the ordinary.

"To have that many in a 24-hour period is unusual," said Dr. Lennon. "And it makes you think that perhaps this is a bad batch of heroin that's hit Onondaga County, or that it's tainted heroin. It's a little bit suspicious."

Dr. Lennon said heroin is less expensive and easier to find than prescription painkillers, making it appealing to those who use it. She said the drug is also in all parts of our area.

"This is not an inner city problem like some people like to think," explained Dr. Lennon. "This is everywhere. This is in the suburbs. This is in the wealthier suburbs. This is everywhere. You would be shocked at who's using heroin."

Dr. Lennon said educating children at an early age is key for preventing addiction.

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