Adding spice to the final days of the political campaign season: Matt's Memo

This election season has been about as quiet as it gets. The air went out of the local campaign season as soon as the democratic primary for Mayor of Syracuse was over and the republicans failed to field a candidate to challenge Stephanie Miner. That robbed the region of a high profile political battle.

That leaves local communities and districts with races that can have an impact on quality of life, spending and taxes. The Onondaga County Legislature and its seventeen seats are included on that localized list.

Friday morning Onondaga County democratic leadership will come out criticizing the republican incumbents for the County Legislature for appearing in a television advertisement. Party chairman Mark English has scheduled a news conference to throw mud at the Republican Legislator Committee for spending the money on the spots.

English said tonight he's filed a formal complaint with the New York State Board of Elections.

This type of 11th hour complaint about campaign spending is not likely to change anything about the campaign. What is likely to win seats in the legislature is door to door handshaking and conversations and word of mouth endorsement. The spending of a few thousand dollars on television ads that will be seen in an area far wider than the localized districts has a limited effect.

The good news about the political bickering is it reminds us Election Day is next Tuesday. Time to take a look at who will be on your ballot when you go to the polling place next week.

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