Advocates Rally in Wayne County To Tell Andrew Cuomo, "Keep Our Prison Open"

Dozens Rally in Wayne County


ut in front of the Butler Correctional Facility in Wayne County there are a whole lot of signs.

Martine Rose is a corrections officer at Butler. "It's the uprooting of the family which is devastating to a lot of us -- we have to relocate with so many years on the job thinking this facility was going to remain open," says Rose.

In July Governor Andrew Cuomo announced four state correctional facilities will be closing next summer, saving the State 30 million dollars every year.

Betsy Capizzi has been a corrections officer in Butler for 8 years and is devastated to leave her job in Butler for another Jail alongside more than 100 other co-workers.

"You're close to home and now you're like... Uhhh... Where do I gotta go to? Am I going to have to move? There's so many things going on that you just don't know where to start," says Capizzi. "It doesn't make any sense, it just makes it scarier inside a prison."

A roomful of neighbors and employees packed into the Elks lodge in Wolcott to send the Governor a strong message about what will happen when this prison closes.

Jim MacDonald was here tonight speaking to those with the union advocating here. "He's shifting the burden from the State onto the counties and the counties will feel that impact eventually and this is what we're trying to wake people up to realize," says MacDonald.

More than 10,000 inmates are being double bunked today throughout the State. Advocates like Union Vice President Mike Dildine say this never happened decades ago and they want this to change while they have the chance.

"Our point is, is now that the inmate population is down because it is because of changes in the laws and sentencing procedures, is now is the time to right size the system," says Dildine.

A system which those advocating want to see the Butler Correctional Facility remain a part of.