Aerial spraying planned for north shore of Oneida Lake in Oswego County

The Oswego County Health Department announced Friday its plans to conduct aerial spraying for portions of Oswego County after mosquito pools in Oswego County tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) virus and West Nile virus (WNV) earlier this month.

The Health Department says it plans to spray the Big Bay / Toad Harbor Swamp on the north shore of Oneida Lake on Saturday evening. The rain date is Sunday, Aug. 18. The aerial spray will begin after 7 p.m.

Residents in the spray area are advised to stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed for one hour after the spraying.

If the spraying is postponed due to inclement weather, information will be posted on the Oswego County Web site.

Two mosquito pools collected in the village of Central Square tested positive for both the EEE virus and West Nile virus, and a third pool in the village of Central Square tested positive for EEE. One mosquito pool collected in the town of New Haven tested positive for West Nile virus.

A â??Tire Amnesty Dayâ?? is being held next Saturday, August 24 for Oswego County residents to drop off up to four tires free of charge. Tires collect standing water, which can be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

The Health Department says the area to be sprayed includes about 10,000 acres with boundaries of: U.S. Route 11 in Central Square to the west, NYS Route 49 to the north, up to but not including the village of Constantia to the east; and the shoreline of Oneida Lake to the south.

Spraying will not take place over the waters of Oneida Lake.

The Health Department says residents within the aerial spray boundaries will be notified of the aerial spraying by the Oswego County Hyper-Reach program.

The Health Department received permission and permits required to conduct aerial spraying from the state Departments of Health and Environmental Conservation.

The product Kontrol 30-30, which contains permethrin, will be applied in a diluted form. The county has contracted with Duflo Spray-Chemical from Lowville to conduct the aerial spraying.

The West Nile virus has also been found in Madison County and Onondaga County this year. Last week, the Oneida County Health Department announced a horse living on a farm in Vernon was paralyzed in his hind legs, after being infected with EEE.

Residents are also advised to:

Stay indoors

Keep windows and doors closed for one hour after the spraying

Keep pets indoors

Close the vents on window air conditioners

Remove outdoor toys, outdoor furniture, and clothing from the clothesline

Items left outdoors should be washed thoroughly with soap and water before using

Close your car windows and vents if driving in the area

Cover gardens, or rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking or eating